If you have ever felt like you missed the day in school where everyone else learned how to take care of their skin, you're in the right place. I felt the same way and was nervous to ask questions. But then I found my way into a routine and it not only brought great results for my skin but it was truly empowering. I want this to be your story, too.


Join me, Shea Smith to learn all the basics of using a skin care routine in a safe, welcoming space.

In this seminar you will learn: 

-The basics steps of a simple skin care routine

-When to add products for specific treatments

-How to know if a product is safe to use

-Find a routine that empowers you!

This seminar is right for you if you have ever asked…

Why are there so many products in a skin care collection?

What is  the best way to wash my face?

Why can't I pronounce any of the ingredients?

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