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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Last week, I had the privilege of leading a team of Beautycounter consultants in a meeting with our local representative to ask for their support in moving our mission forward and I have to say, things are getting exciting!

Here’s the deal, did you know the United States has not passed major federal reform regulating ingredients that go into our personal care products since 1938?! That is 80 years of working off a limited document that doesn’t fully keep us safe!

Not only that but:

- The United States only bans 30 ingredients that are linked to harmful illnesses - far behind the 1400 the European Union bans.

- Though the FDA is the governing body for the cosmetics industry (which includes all personal care products), it doesn’t have the authority to recall harmful products -

- Thousands of toxic ingredients are legally allowed to be included in products we use on our skin every day.

It’s time for a change, don’t you think?

I am excited to see two pieces of legislation being introduced to encourage solutions to this problem. Senator Feinstein is reintroducing the Personal Care and Safety Act in the Senate and Congressman Pallone will be introducing a bill in the House. These companion bills will make their way through committees and hopefully voted on this fall.

However, the most powerful way we can create change is to raise our hands and say, “We deserve better.” By making our representatives aware of this issue and making sure they know it matters to their constituents we will best prepare them for this opportunity to make moves. The last thing we want is for the bill to come up for voting and your representative has never heard of it before. That’s where we come in!

Speak up! By sending one simple text, you can affect change. Follow the prompts to urge your representatives to pay attention to this issue. It only takes 20 people reaching out to move an issue onto a representative’s agenda.

Shop with brands committed to better practices. Your power as a consumer is greater than you probably realize. You can support my business by shopping through the link in the comments below and make a safer switch for your family today. Even one product helps reduce your toxic load.

Join us! We are women and men from every walk of life and represent different ages and stages, too. Some join for some extra spending money, others to replace an income, some to make a social impact and some to have something just for themselves. Most consultants work about 5 hours a week but the best part is that you get to decide what success looks like to you. If you have been looking for a green light to use your voice for a positive social impact, here it is! Message me for more info or visit all the details.

Thank you for joining me in this movement.

You count,


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