Eco-Friendly Travel: Terranea Resort

Staying at a fancy resort was impressive from the start but when I took a deeper look at their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, I was stunned.

From the bamboo and nontoxic employee uniforms, to the hybrid and low emission vehicles use on the premises, this resort has taken consideration with every aspect of their business. They did not remove any natural land during development but rather recycled or repurposed it and have a group of employee volunteers called The Green Team that make recycling opportunities available throughout the premises. You will not be able to find plastic straws or balloons on the premises, but you will see a stunning golf course that is biodegradable. How thoughtful is that?!

Terranea Resort embraces a vision of decreasing energy and water usage, reducing waste, increasing recycling and composting, and purchasing local and organic food and beverages as often as possible. In addition to these standards, Terranea is committed to innovative solutions that help inspire guests and develop a greater degree of environmental stewardship.

What they do with two of the most commonly wasted items blew me away.

Partially Used Toiletries

You may be a Ross Gellar and take every free item available before checking out of your room (right on time, by the way), but many people only partially use the items beautifully displayed in the bathroom. Terranea actually donates usable toiletries to Midnight Mission in Los Angeles and saves the landfill from receiving up to 360 pounds of products per month.

This intentional practice not only protects our environment but aids in the support of people who don’t have access to basic hygiene products.

Food Waste

With 9 different dining options comes a lot of food and the potential for a lot of waste. But this green minded resort has collaborated with Chefs to End Hunger and other food services that help redistribute safely stored, unused meals. Talk about making an impact!

Learn more about Chefs to End Hunger here.

By planning ahead and putting sustainable systems in place, this resort has been able to run a successful luxury experience without compromising the environment or the health of their staff and guests. Terranea is leading by example and I highly recommend staying with them for your next vacation. If you need me, I will be supporting the cause at the saltwater pool!

Salty and Sustainably,


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