Safe by the seaside: a Pandemic Vacation

This year has been stressful, there's just no other way to say it. Yet, with the ever changing restrictions and conflicting information, it has been hard to know how to relax. My mother volunteered to watch our two daughters (very brave + generous considering they are both under 3!) and we jumped at the change for a parent's night away. We decided to escape to the Central Coast for our best attempt of regrouping and stayed at The Cliffs Hotel and Spa.

Photos simply don't do justice to the amazing view and being welcomed with the sweetest gift was the perfect way to start our trip. I don't know if we were more excited about milk and cookies (DE-licious) or the peaceful setting. It was clear that the service staff went above and beyond to ensure the highest care was given during the cleaning process. Our only job was to sit back and enjoy.

One of the top features is the access to the beach. While it is available to the public, it felt like our own private oasis. There were hardly any other people there and we were able to soak up the sun without worrying about our surroundings.

And what would a good vacation be without forgetting something! The Salt + Sundry boutique had everything I needed and all the things I didn’t know I wanted! They even featured the give back brand of sunglasses, Diff Eyewear!

I picked up the cutest deck of cards at Salt + Sundry and and iced coffee from Marisol's restaurant and we headed to the "adults only" section of the lawn. All of the chairs were set up at a distance so we didn't have to even think about the other guests and instead, got to enjoy some quality time listening to the waves and getting lost in a friendly competition.

Let's me just say, I really appreciated the service at Marisol. They were so quick to clean after each guest but none of it was intrusive. Servers paid close attention to our needs but didn't spend more time than necessary, either. Again, we were given the opportunity to focus on our time together which allowed us to remain in vacation mode. Drinks are available throughout the property and we took full advantage and enjoyed them from all of the vantage points possible!

Our girls joined us for some fun family time and they absolutely loved the resort. From the jump worthy beds to fun in the pool, the girls had a much needed change of scenery. While the littlest took a nap, my husband took our oldest down to the beach to explore the "caves" and she talked a bout it for days! I loved that they were able to have an adventure without the extra stress of trying to keep a 2 year old from being near other people. As you can see, she didn’t have a care in the world as she claimed this spot as her own!

Suffice it to say, I have been missing sunsets like these and the deep, soul refreshing moments we experienced at The Cliffs. They truly created a unique experience where we could relax and feel safe. It was the first taste of freedom we have had all year and for a moment we got to feel normal again. The staff provided a much needed opportunity to escape and we will never forget this amazing experience. Who wants to come next time we visit?!

© 2020 by Shea Smith