Traveling...with kids... in a pandemic!

During this pandemic, we've spent a lot of time together as a family. However, quantity has not been met with quality. We wanted to get out of town, but didn't want to expose ourselves unnecessarily. We wanted to go on an adventure, but I was nervous about exploring with little kids. Now, we really wanted to go camping, however, with two little ones we knew that going completely off the grid just wasn't going to be for us.

Then we found the Perch at Twin Peaks. It had everything we needed. It is close to LA - just a 90 minute drive- which allowed us to load everyone in the car, get settled with a snack, a quick nap for the kids and then we were there. It is also dog friendly which made this trip doable for our family.

With contact-less check-in and the fact that you park right next to the cabins, we felt safe right from the start. There were several other campers around in their own cabins but with everything spread so far apart we really felt like we were the only ones on the property during the day. There was plenty of room to roam around, go on walks and the most adorable tire swing that my two year old absolutely loved. Now if you're like us and have two kids under the age of three, you know that you can't get too far without it being someone's naptime. So for us, having the ability to walk around the property and pop back into the cabin or split up and tag team with the kiddos was amazing.

One major aspect we wanted to consider as we were planning was our food preparation. Traveling as a family can be a lot of work and one parent often misses out on a lot of the fun while they're preparing for having more of the fun. Since we weren't under any illusions that we were going to be completely roughing it, we decided to lean in. We brought our Instapot and frozen Tiller & Hatch meals for low key yet delicious meals. Now, if you haven't tried these yet they're fantastic, they're actually healthy, clean meals that are restaurant quality. You simply pull them out of the freezer and throw them in your Instapot and boom, you have a hot meal. For us, this was amazing as it cut down on prep time and reduced the lag time for getting a meal on the table. I threw in one of the meals, played a quick game of hide and seek with my oldest daughter and then we were ready to sit down and have a fully nutritious meal! Win for everyone.

There are a few things to do around the property and of course local trails but with both of our girls being under 3, we didn't need to venture off too much. On our last day, we decided to get in one last adventure on our way out at Heaps Peak Arboretum. We were able to walk the one mile loop and see the beautiful Sequoias and have a fun adventure with without it being too strenuous a hike for our toddler.

Each night my husband and I sat outside the cabin to watch the sunset. It allowed us a little bit of extra time to have adult time without feeling like we were too close or too far from the girls. It was yet another reason we were able to enjoy quality time without creating a trip we needed a vacation from when we got home. Perch at Twin Peaks is a great option if you are looking to safely travel with young ones in and out of this season. We can't wait for our next visit!

© 2020 by Shea Smith