What’s in my travel beauty bag

I LOVE a good trip. I'm mean, who doesn't right?!

I love the planning, the anticipation, the transportation (yes, even flying) and the experience of being somewhere new. There is something exciting about getting out of my normal routine that is like a welcomed breath of fresh air. While throwing caution to the wind may be a fun travel mantra, I don’t leave everything behind when traveling.

Here are my must have beauty products while traveling:

Dew Skin by BeautyCounter - the BEST tinted moisturizer with SPF

Even on the most low key trips I like to have a little makeup on hand. This tinted moisturizer helps even my skin tone so I don’t look too wild in any candid photos and it offers sun protection so I don’t incur more damage while I am out and about. Talk about a win-win!

Cleansing Balm by BeautyCounter - the space *cough cough life* saver

Traveling to new locations often means a difference in climate which can cause some unwanted changes to your skin. I love this product because it has several uses which helps me cut down the number of products I bring (and overall bag weight) and it is passes TSA regulations for carry on items.

*Pro tip: When flying, I apply a thin layer of the cleansing balm to my skin and let it sit for a few hours (if international flight, less if domestic) and wash it off with a wash cloth and warm water in the bathroom. This adds much needed hydration to my skin and leaves me with a fresh, bright face when I reach my destination!

Cleansing Wipes by BeautyCounter

From early morning wake ups to late nights out and all of the adventures in between, I love a good cleansing wipe for a quick refresh and clean up. These makeup removing cleansing wipes remove all the grit and grim while gently nourishing your skin. They smell great are perfect for on the go!

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