Simple changes, big impact.

I see you over there. You’re juggling a full life, trying to make it all happen. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and the idea of focusing on your own needs can feel like another item on your “to-do” list.


I get it. Self-care sounds expensive, clean living feels unattainable, and “green beauty” seems, well, too foreign to fit into an everyday routine. This is where that narrative changes; I have found a way to make a natural shift towards “cleaner living” that feels doable, yields noticeable results, empowers my fellow women and catapults other areas in my life toward positive change. 


The switches are simple. The results are empowering. I’m so excited to share my journey with you, and help you discover (and put into practice) the ways you can make simple switches to a healthier life, and a healthier you.  

When Shea and I first started talking I had some idea about cleaner living but I   didn't know how to get started. I felt overwhelmed by costs, where to find cleaner products/ingredients and how to find information on green living. Shea helped ease those thoughts and showed me how to make switches one product at a time. It's been almost a year and I've been able to switch up most of my beauty routine. Now, I'm working on getting healthier food into my home.



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