With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Shea combines her background in grassroots campaigns with nearly a decade of experience producing network television to tell stories and highlight relevant issues. Her passion for better beauty began in 2014 when she first learned about the lack of regulations in the beauty industry. She quickly began her work educating others as a clean beauty consultant and advocating for more health protective laws. Shea is committed to helping people make simple switches so they can easily reduce their toxic load in way that is sustainable for their lifestyle. 


If you are interested in scheduling an event, please email thesheasmith@gmail.com with the event details and we will begin the conversation on speaking topics and scheduling. Please allow 24-48 hour for a response. I look forward to working together! 



Shea was by far my favorite speaker at the event I attended! She was easy to listen to, clearly very knowledgeable, and her down-to-earth sense of humor made her relatable. Speaking about the huge topic of switching to safer products could have easily been overwhelming, but Shea made it feel practical and understandable. Not only did she share simple ways to make safer choices, but she shared relevant research and information backing up WHY it’s important to do so. Her clear & concise talk about the facts paired with her gracious encouragement to just start with making small switches where possible left me feeling empowered & capable of making changes in my own life.


co-founders, SHE Changes Everything

Shea is that magical speaker you hope to have at your event who is both smart and knowledgeable, but also (and quite possibly the most important) relateable and easy to understand! Her presentation at SHE Day was so well received because she shared from the heart and kept everything clear and simple! She's professional, warm, funny, and wonderful to work with!

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